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Ryan Gallagher – Biography


         Ryan Gallagher is currently 28 we made the exhibition and residing in Austin, Texas in the United States. He spend most of his childhood desiring to be an artist, architect, engineer, or scientist. Growing up he fell in love with light, it is color, texture, and patterns have remained a focus of his to this day.


         This usurped his other interests when he discovered theatre production, and specifically the lighting design for theatre, becoming his main occupational interest. In time, he acquired his Bachelor of Arts in „Theatre and Dance“ (concentrating on lighting design and technology) from the University of Texas. In theatre, the dancetheatre and choreography of Pina Bausch was of great influence on him, for she was an artist in residence at the university. Computers also developed as an intense hobby, providing him some mode of living as a web and database programmer after college. Eventually however, theatre production, and the broader art drew him back into more rewarding pursuits, and is his current occupation.


         Throughout all this time, art, nature, science, math, light, and the combination of such elements continued to be of interest, occasionally finding outlets such as exploring unsolved number theory problems via computer visualizations.


         It was not until picking up a film camera, and a cheap digital for the first time, that all of these interests eventually collided, along with other influences such as the chance and process generated music of John Cage, and some Dadaist ideas involving randomness. These factors led him to explore the abstract yet documentary patterns and textures of light captured via the intentionally uncontrolled, and seemingly random, action of throwing a camera into the air, set to record its own fluid motion, beautifully and often mathematically illustrated via light and the environment.


         Unconsciously borrowing from the familiar model of „Open Source“ in computer software and otherwise „accessible art“, he shared every experiment online and encouraged others to try it. He founded an online community (which acquired a sizable following very rapidly) specifically for sharing photography of this technique, and eventually created a show-case photo „blog“ for his and the community´s best results. Because of the nature of his photography, and the unorthodox (but highly effective) approach to sharing it, Ryan Gallagher´s work and the concept itself has been extensively witnessed online and is currently being covered by the news media.


         Publications in four months time include „Globe & Mail“ (Canada), „The Washington Post“ (US), „Der Spiegel“ (Germany), „Deutsche Welle Radio“ (Germany), „Journal Gazette / Times Courier“ (US), „“ (Austria), „The Times, London“ (UK), and „Deutsche Welle television“ (Germany), further pending publications, and an untold number of other citations online.


         At time, his art of this form, and the art of the community he inspired, attract more than 15.000 visitors to their photography website in a single day. But all this, he claims, is just the beginning… the concepts, subjects, and properties of this style of image capturing has opened up whole worlds in both art and photography to explore, and he intends to do just that.

Bilder von Ryan Gallagher