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Ryan Gallagher – Artist Statement

         Photography, and more broadly art in general has Always been a personal exploration of topics that interest me and appeal to some essential part of my nature… my way of looking at the world, trying to make sense of it, or illustrating it is beauty. I make use of whatever media and tools I have at my disposal… recently it had been antiquated digital cameras. Although my art is personal, in that I mostly create for myself and to explore thoughts, I also believe art should be accessible to the general public, and tend to readily share my explorations and encourage others to participate, dare I say even have a little fun? I love process driven art, and I do not believe there to be inherent contradictions between serious art and processes that can also be a lot of fun. Lately, the public has certainly latched onto my style involving thrown cameras, most likely because it fun and makes a good story, but I suspekt the majority of their reasons for trying it are quite different than my initial reasons, and reasons that I continue to develop it…


         My current obsession involves looking deeper into natural phenomena we often take for granted. Specifically the aesthetics of abstracted motion, chance, the output of random and pseudo-random processes, and the nature and texture of light have all been in my head and evident in my photography.


         These topics, and the influence of visionary charakters in both art and science, are reasons why I first began throwing cameras into the air, a directed effort to get the result out of my hands and into the realm of natural motion, catering to an aesthetic ingrained within us by our physical world, and in some cases our universe.


         With this technique a host of natural forces are given full control over the camera during exposure. Timing the relationship between your „subject“ and camera is intentionally difficult, lending to the influence of chance, and facilitating a generative quality. However, with practice one finds that every element of photography can still be skillfully controlled, save the final composition… but even it can be given certain intentional flavors.


         My work of this style has been compared to other forms that I feel share a common base, „Harmonograms“ and „Physiograms“ being two visual examples. With a discretely illuminated subject, camera motion of this nature almost creates an inverted physiogram, a documentary abstraction describing the natural motion of the camera itself. In this singular exploration, and many others I have planned, I enjoy finding ways to create physical art, including photography and other mediums, by harnessing natural events and other processes as tools, offering unique perspectives upon which to view our reality… and it is real, but tends to occur just outside of our common perception and senses.

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